The Salmon Spinny

In an effort to convince my family that life is just as good without gluten and grains. I have been creating a lot in the kitchen. They have been subject to the guinea pig life. Here is something I came up with and it was a hit. Thought I’d share with you! Excuse the super non professional photograph. I did my best and believe me when I say, the taste is superb and you’ll forget all about the picture 🙂

This literally takes about 10 min to cook! It’s great for breakfast, lunch or dinner! We buy pastured eggs, wild caught seafood and use organic vegetables and spices. Living with auto-immune, eliminating toxins and pesticides is crucial for me.
We also believe it is a beneficial healthy lifestyle for the whole family.


– wild caught salmon patty


-1 egg

-feta cheese

– avocado oil

– optional: jalapeños

Seasonings: Basil, Salt, Pepper, Red Crushed Pepper


Heat up pan on medium with avocado oil. Put the salmon patties in the pan and cook 4-5 minutes on each side. Season with basil, salt and pepper on each side.  In a separate pan fry egg and season with pepper and red crushed pepper. Try not to over cook. Throw the spinach in the pan with salmon and seriously only cook for about 30 secs. Take everything out. Salmon patty on the bottom, spinach, then egg on top. Sprinkle feta on top with a few jalapeños for a kick. BOOM! Get ready for some tasty goodness explosion in your mouth!



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