Calling over Passion…Part Two

I laid back down staring at the ceiling. I was filled with excitement and curiousity. Fear and peace at the same time.  Little did I know that this call on my heart, this three word phrase was going to drastically change my life. What was to come in the next months was nothing I could have prepared for. Bracing myself took on a whole new meaning.

While I knew this was suppose to happen. It took me a few months to finally send out an email to my clients and follow through with this decision.

I had clear direction on where Braced by Faith was to go. I still struggled. Doing hair was my identity.  It was all I had.  Every conversation with people was firstly about hair. To be honest, it bothered me a little that’s how people saw me. The hair girl. Do they know I have so much more to offer? I knew it wasn’t my true identity. I knew I was believing lies.  I could theologically tell you my identity was in Christ, but I couldn’t accept it. What was I to do with no hair clients every week, no hair income each day I worked? Who was I?

Meanwhile, Braced by Faith was slowly coming together. I wasn’t telling anyone what I was making or writing. Part of me felt a little crazy.  This was different than anything that’s ever “popped” into my head. People kept asking me why I was doing this. Each time I answered I felt nervous. Would they think I’ve lost my mind?

Here’s the thing, ultimately we are, responsible to God for being faithful to His calling not to our passions or desires of our heart. When we choose Christ for our life it doesn’t mean life is going to get easier. Rather, the choice is freedom over fear.  Walking in obedience is an ongoing process. You don’t abide once and move on. It’s a constant changing and molding of your heart. In Galatians, scripture tells us we are called to be free, serve one another in love and live by the spirit.

What if I told you there is no greater solid support to brace ourselves against other than the cross? Braced by Faith exists to lead a generation to see life through the lens of the eternal.  In a world where opinion matters more than truth, I hope to create a movement in leading others to a life lived braced by faith through my writing. I want to share with you authenticity and truth….faith over fear.


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