the homeschool room of our dreams… a quick tour

We have recently moved and high on my priority list was this room. After, being in an apartment for almost a year, we were ready for this! It is where we spend the majority of our time.  Our children play and learn in this room. I knew that they had to want to be in here. There are still some finishing touches to be done. For now, this room is about 90% complete.


Many of you have asked about our book wall. These are picture ledges anchored into the studs of the wall. They are 45 1/4 inches long. There are a total of 9 shelves on the wall, 3 in each row. The picture ledges are from IKEA and on sale!! This project took about 1.5 hours. It was really important to me for the books to face out. I want them to see what they have and am hopeful that they will read even more now that the covers are directly in front of them. There are about 60-80 books on each row. IMG_4267

The wall was much bigger than I had anticipated. We need three more shelves to make a fourth row and our wall will be complete. IMG_8150

As you can see, we get a lot of natural light in this room! Which is awesome! Any dry erase board that big was very expensive. So we decided to go with plexiglass.  When we are having our school hours the blinds closest to the wall are shut and seeing the board is not an issue! Definitely worth it.

Our homeschool is based on Classical Education. However, I do like to incorporate some Montessori models/ideals into our homeschool day. Having things low and in reach for our littlest is important. While I am teaching my oldest, he is able to bring out what he needs to accomplish his school day alongside us. I have pull out drawers under the couch filled with activities just for him. Our timeline cards and calendar are also low for this reason.

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Instead of consistently using traditional desks, we utilize our coffee table and floor quite a bit. They love it! Computer time is used for 30 min each day per child. That is about it for our quick tour of our homeschool room! Hope you enjoyed it! Send me pictures of your book wall if you decide to do it. Oh but wait…

IMG_3495 2

Can’t forget about our school mascot…Buster. He is always with us while we learn and read.





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